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Race Countdown: Thanksgiving Day
8 A.M. Thursday, November 24th 2016

Turkey Trot FAQ’s - Manitowoc

Event benefits

Proceeds from the event will benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs and YMCA in each community where they take place.

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How to Register

Simply click on your location at www.festivalfoodsturkeytrot.com to be redirected to the online registration page.  Registration is online only with the exception of Race Day entries. 

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Are both events timed?

No. Only the 5 mile run is chip timed. The 2 mile walk is not timed.

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Will the chip timed results be posted to the website?

Yes. The timed results from the 5 mile run will be posted to the website late afternoon on Thanksgiving Day.

Can I walk the 5 mile event? Can I run the 2 mile event?

Yes. You may walk the 5 mile event, however, you should only do so if you can maintain a pace of 18 minutes per mile or faster and finish prior to 9:30 AM.  The 9:30 AM cut off is established as a courtesy to our volunteers who have family obligations on the Thanksgiving holiday. If you do not think you can finish 5 miles prior to 9:30 AM, you are encouraged to participate in the 2 mile event. Similarly, participants may run in the 2 mile event but should understand that this event is NOT chip timed and there will be no awards given for the 2 mile event. 

Can I bring my stroller or pull my kids in a wagon?

Strollers and wagons are permitted with restrictions.  All participants with strollers or wagons must start at the back of each group to minimize tripping hazards.  Competitive running with jog strollers is strongly discouraged and could jeopardize future access of stroller participants in this event.

Do I need to register my infant or toddler who will be in a stroller?

No. You do not need to pay for a young child who is being pushed or pulled in a stroller or wagon. The only reason you might consider registering them is if you would like them to receive a t-shirt and pie.  Only paid participants will receive a pie and t-shirt.

Are kids on bikes allowed? Inline skates? Skateboards?

The only “wheels” allowed on the race course are strollers or wagons for transporting the younger members of the family and wheelchairs. No bikes, no inline skates, no skateboards, no Big Wheels, no trikes, no exceptions.  We do ask that anyone using acceptable wheels start at the back of their wave. 

What is your policy on DOGS?   

.Dogs are welcome at the Turkey Trot but must follow these guidelines:

Dog Jog Wave- ALL participants with dogs will start at approximately 8:15am or after all other participants have crossed the starting line.  Dogs are NOT allowed on the 5 mile course so this is a 2 mile walk only.  Strollers and people without dogs are also allowed in this wave.  If these guidelines are not followed we run the risk of not allowing dogs in future events.

Do the 5 mile and 2 mile participants start together?

The Turkey Trot will have 3 Waves plus the Dog Jog Wave.  The first to start will be 5 Mile participants in Wave 1.  2 Mile participants will be in Wave 2 which starts shortly after Wave 1. Stroller participants for both 5 Mile and 2 Mile are in Wave 3.  NO dogs or strollers line up in Wave 1 or 2.  We ask that all slower participants start at the back of their respective group.  Please see below for Dog Jog info. 

May I wear my MP3 player and/or headphones?

You may wear your music listening device, however, please keep the volume at a low enough level so that you may hear course officials and fellow participants. This is for your own safety and shows good running course etiquette!

Will there be any water stations on the course?

There will be ONE fluid station serving water at the halfway point of the 5 mile course. There will be no fluid stations on the 2 mile course. Water will be served at the finish line. If you require more fluids, please feel free to bring your own. 

Are there awards?

Yes.  Each of the top five overall finishers (male and female) across the finish line will receive a Festival Foods gift certificate. Theses will be awarded on gun time (first across the line) rather than chip time. There will be no awards ceremony at the event. The 5 mile run will offer chip timed results that will be posted online late afternoon on Thanksgiving Day.  

If you registered more than one person you will receive a summary email including all registrants and then each individual registrant will also receive an email.

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